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Welcome to Coyotetale.  It's a site without much happening - if you're bored, this is the place for you.  If you want genuine content, search Google, the New York Times...anywhere but here.Sunrise Catalina Mtn's, Tucson AZ

My wife and I live half-a-mile from Tucson by the morning light, and are currently working hard to extricate ourselves from burdens that have accumulated from earlier in our lives.  We are both Liberal - we each carry cards in our wallets with big red L's stamped on them.  We're both very happy that Barack Obama is our President - and feel for him, having to undo 8 years of THE most damaging, repressive and secretive Presidency our country has ever had the misfortune to experience.  Recently, (July, 2009), around Arizona, I've seen bumper stickers that pronounce "I Weep for my Country".  I am in the process of having several stickers printed which read "I Weep for the People Who Weep for OUR Country".  Much more inclusive, and I think the point gets across. 

My wife and I both like to term ourselves Wilderness Advocates - lately however we haven't been advocating much - see the mention above about extricating ourselves from our earlier lives.  I have done some small work in the receeding past with the Mono Lake Committee, and my wife has been involved with SUWA, the (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance), regarding saving some of the Red Rock Wilderness of Southern Utah, and the Sierra Club regarding wolf reintroduction projects in Arizona.

I'm an aging Dead Head, and that's mostly what I listen to.  You can find a link to a favorite concert below - it might change now and then, but don't anticipate it.  If you're more into them but haven't yet found it, you might try the Grateful Dead Listening Guide.  It points the way to many little treasures.

I also really admired, and really respect what Ed Abbey had to say about saving some of the Earth, especially the wilderness.  I once aligned myself with Earth First! before that organization organization. Now I'm pretty much on my own.

I work at the Main Library of the University of Arizona maintaining, updating, and occasionally adding applications to the Library's website.

I also marry people. I'm a licenced minister with the Universal Life Church, and have started a side business with a co-worker at the library called Marry Me in Tucson. We just started up in January '09, and have hitched quite a few folks already. If you're contemplating marriage, ring up the website and see if we fit the bill.

If you haven't been already turned away by this blatant Liberal posturing, check out our dog Milo, who has his (infrequently) updated page here:  Milo the Sonoran Husky.

I have a Flickr page which receives many updates - weekly if not more frequently - mostly pictures of the Sonoran Desert and its flora and fauna.

That's about it.  Can't think of anything else to let you in on.  I'm on Facebook and Twitter, but I DON'T twit, and I rarely check the Facebook page unless I get an e-mail notification that someone I know wants to say something to me.  There's contact information on this site, or you can always find me on the Staff Directory page of the Library's website, and of course the University's website.  Take care, and never miss the opportunity of throwing a rock at something big and glassy...don't just drop the damned thing on your foot.

Coleos habere

Abbey's Web"The wind will not stop. Gusts of sand swirl before me, stinging my face. But there is still too much to see and marvel at, the world very much alive in the bright light and wind, exultant with the fever of spring, the delight of morning...The extreme clarity of the desert light is equaled by the extreme individuation of desert life-forms. Love flowers best in openness and freedom."
Edward Abbey - Desert Solitaire